Monday, 27 September 2010

The Pope Benedict XVI in Barcelona in November 7th

As you probably already know, Pope Benedict XVI will be paying an official visit to Barcelona on the 7th of November where he will be celebrating mass in the Sagrada Familia Cathedral. The Pope will be blessing the Cathedral and the altar. Once the Sagrada Familia, the Cathedral that Antoni Gaudí designed, has been blessed, it will be designated a basilica for its monumental and artistic features by the Pope himself.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for faithful churchgoers to take to the streets and show their devotion via the itinerary that will span the different streets of Barcelona.

His first visit in Spain will be in Santiago de Compostela, after which he will be travelling to Barcelona where he will arrive on the 6th of November. During his visit to the city, he will be staying at the archbishopric and will be escorted to the Sagrada Familia by an entourage where the consecration of the Cathedral will be taking place. The Pope will make the journey to the Sagrada Familia in the Popemobile and will be making a detour beforehand round the Cathedral so he can greet his faithful followers already gathered there.

Following the consecration of the Cathedral, Benedict XVI will be celebrating the Eucharist before the Kings of Spain and once all this has been done, the Ángelus will be recited from the Sagrada Familia`s façade of the birth of Christ.

The Sagrada Familia has a 9,000 person capacity, but for security reasons only 7,500 people will be allowed to enter and celebrate mass inside the Cathedral. However, those faithful followers that have congregated outside the Sagrada Familia can follow the homily thanks to the gigantic screens and chairs that will be placed in the streets and the plazas adjacent.

In the afternoon, the Pope will be visiting the Nen Déu en Guinardó Institute, where religious Franciscans will be looking after down-syndrome children and other disabled children. Meanwhile the Pope will be chatting with families and carers, and will receive a present from the children.

For security reasons, the Sagrada Familia`s doors will be closed a few days prior to the Pope’s visit.

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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

La Fiesta de la MERCE, en Barcelona

The party of Barcelona
From this September 23 starts the festival of festivals that fill Barcelona with more than 500 arts and leisure proposals full of fantasy and imagination. Let the party continues until Sunday 26. Say you will see 20 presented scenarios where you will find street arts shows, theater, circus, music and dance. And that there are also various traditional events, entertainment and sports that usually accompany it. We are talking about Merce: THE big party, the party of all locals, the highlight of Barcelona.

La Mercè '10 will be officially opened with the proclamation, which this year will carry the voice of the poet and architect Joan Margarit. Then the popular seguici will walk through the downtown streets proclaiming the good news: you start the party and the best thing is starting again. From here, anything is possible. At the MERCE of this year, there have created a new festival, the MAC (Mercè Street Arts), full of exciting cutting-edge creations aimed at a family that will take place mainly in the Parc de la Ciutadella. The same scenario will be the central space of the dance and when the sun sets will experience a transformation that will become the Parc de la Llum, with a range of color and light shows surprising. The city of Dakar will be involved in many corners of the festival, the city is invited, with film, dance, percussion, art and more contemporary proposals, from Africa and the Senegalese capital spearhead.
Among all the activities taking place in the city, You don't have to miss the traditional Correfoc, the feast of circus in the Castell de Montjuïc, the dyad castellera, the parade or Piromusical. This year stands out as a new a new arena, the old race track in Barcelona, which opens with a fun street arts and entertainment multidisciplinary Pandora. The Albéniz Palauet reopen their doors, like the museums, the BAM will reveal a new selection of the best independent music in the Plaça Catalunya will lift the Mostra d'Associacions of the city and the Festival Asia will continue to build the best cultural bridge with Asia.

Joy, fun, culture, creativity, art, civics ... From 11 am to 5 am, with a set of proposals for all audiences. So that everyone can enjoy their own party, the party ... of all Barcelona.
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