Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Travelling in Barcelona

Once you arrive at Plaza Catalunya, the central and main place of Barcelona, you can buy your ticket in the automated teller machines or in the TMB information and attention points available in stations.

These tickets from TMB network are valid for metros, bus, trams, Ferrocarrils (FGC) and Rodalies de Catalunya.

Fares from the 1st of April to the 30th of June 2011 (-5%):

Avoid single ticket, which is only valid for one trip (1.45€).

Better choose the following pass, more economical:

T-Dia 1 zona: 5,90€
This is the one that you have to favour if you have planned to make a lot of travels by transports in one day. Unlimited number of trips. Individual use.

If you have planned to repeat these trips for several consecutive days, rather opt for the option “Subscription”: this will be cheaper. Unlimited number of trips. Individual use.

2 Days: 11,50€

3 Days: 16,50€

4 Days: 21,00€

5 Days: 25,00€

However, Barcelona’s city is small and it is possible to get from one neighbourhood to another by foot. If you prefer walking, you will minimize the number of trips by public transport. In this case, we highly recommend you the following pass:

T-10 1 zona: 7,85€
This pass offers you up to 10 trips, usable anytime. This pass can be used by several persons, that is to say that after a validation, it can be reused by the people accompanying you. You are allowed to make until 3 connections without any charge, in a limited time of 1h15.

/!\ Be careful ! The connections will be deducted if you take 2 times the same line in the time allowed by the ticket.