Thursday, 5 February 2009

Barcelona Carnaval!!

The Carnaval of Barcelona is a traditional event, which is certainly worth a visit. It takes place every year in February all over Barcelona city.

When is the Barcelona Carnaval?
The Barcelona Carnaval will be on from 19/02/2009 to 25/02/2009

What is on during the carnaval?
The week of festivities starts off with "Jueves Ladero" (Fat Thursday) with a tortilla eating match.
Saturday is the biggest day of Carnaval in Barcelona. First the “pimiento de oro” (golden pepper) will be awarded to the best entertainer in Barcelona. Later on the day the world famous "Gran Rua de Carnaval" will take place near the seaside of Barcelona

You can find nmore information about the event on the Carnaval Website :

And if you don't want to miss the Barcelona Carnaval and you need accomodation you can contact and they will be pleased to help you with your research!

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