Friday, 6 August 2010

Fiesta de Gracia a Barcelona

Barcelona is currently celebrating its famous and important Fiestas de Gracia. Gracia has always been considered one of Barcelona’s beautiful districts and it’s hard not to tell why. There are many little bars, coffee shops, romantic plazas and tiny streets to enchant us. The Fiesta de Gracia takes place on 14th – 22nd of August so it’s in full swing at the time of writing! It’s a great festival where all the neighbours transform the area into a paradise of colourful decorations. This year, most of the events will be taking place during the daytime.

There are many concerts to enjoy with many different music styles along with shows, traditional Catalan attractions and workshops. Famous musicians, like Maria del mar Bonet, Marina Rossell, Joan Isaac, and Luis Eduardo Aute, as well as classical music groups like Manel, Cuidado con el Perro or Cochambre Hotel will be playing their music for the residents of Gracia. Also, there will be culinary activities, like the “Tasta Gràcia” at the Plaza Manuel Torrente. In the magician’s area “Área de la Magia” at the Plaza del Norte professional magicians, as well as beginners in this magical art, will astonish you with all their exciting magic tricks.

Many years ago the Fiestas de Gracia had much more of a religious significance but over the years this has changed and it has become more of a social affair. The residents and citizens of Gracia put in a lot of work to get their street decorated in time for the festivities and as every year, the most beautiful street in Gracia wins a prize.

The Fiesta de Gracia is for everyone: both young and old alike. Unforgettable days full of entertainment for you and your friends will be guaranteed. Why don’t you rent the best apartments in Barcelona and spend a relaxing and fun filled holiday in the beautiful capital of Catalonia Spain?

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