Friday, 26 November 2010

Lady Gaga concert in Barcelona

Global phenomenon Lady Gaga performs in Barcelona in the Palau Sant Jordi, for the only concert in Spain on her Monster Ball Tour on Tuesday 7th December 2010. Tickets on sale from 6th May 2010 at Ticketmaster, Servicaixa and El Corte Inglés

Lady Gaga is a phenomenon for the media, for fans and especially for the music and fashion industries. She is able to reinvent herself like a molting animal, sometimes even dresses in dead animals, thus causing all kinds of journalists and ideologues to spend rivers of ink singing her praises and dissecting her every gesture.

It seems that the New York singer is poised to inherit the mantle of number one diva from Madonna, and more than projecting a set artistic identity, is channeling the development of a lifetime brand. Madonna, the pop musical phoenix capable of channelling society´s ethos in every moment, meet Lady Gaga, your spotlight loving successor. Of course, just as when Madonna was at the beginning of her career, and causing a pop-culture revolution, Lady Gaga has made a splash whose eventual impact can only be imagined, and is most likely underestimated by critics.

But who can blame this young woman for wanting to take the lead in an industry, by using clothing, occasional histrionics or outrageous statements? The fact is that Lady Gaga has demonstrated with her impressive ticket and record sales that she is more than just a girl wrapped in a piece of meat, and behind all the money and publicity machine, there is also a girl who takes the stage in front of thousands of people and does her job.

If you have a long weekend or few days of holidays, come to Barcelona to enjoy the city and maybe come to Lady Gaga's concert! We will find you a place to stay!

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