Thursday, 31 January 2008

Sant Jordi's Day - April 23

Barcelona celebrates its very own version of St Valentine's Day, otherwise known as "Lovers' Day", on St George's Day (23 April). Many join in the romantic tradition, as sources estimate that over four million roses are bought on this day alone.

While men traditionally give their girlfriends a rose, girls present their knights in shining armour with a book. A stroll down Las Ramblas reveals hundreds of stalls, which sell some 400,000 books on St George's Day, designated the Day of the Book.

The celebration comes from the legend of the Saint himself - he famously slayed a dragon and a red rose sprouted miraculously from a drop of its blood, which he, in turn, gave to a princess.

You can take the opportunity to spend a romantic weekend in Barcelona enjoying this special day in couple. Suprise your girlfriend and rent a lovely studio just near the Ramblas where the event takes place.

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