Friday, 10 December 2010

Concert of MGMT in Barcelona, Razzmatazz

The MGMT, also known as “the Management”, will storm Barcelona with their psychedelic pop at Razzmatazz in Poble Nou in Barcelona on December 16th at 21:30.

The New York duo consists of Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden, both originally from Connecticut. They got together in 2002, during a sabbatical year from Wesleyan University, and became a pop phenomenon, almost involuntarily. Apparently, MGMT never seriously thought they were going to turn into huge pop-stars. Even so, they have been a smashing yet unexpected success since their inception.

They like to repeat that it was not their intention to form a band, but just come out and share albums, “hang out”, go to concerts, listen to music and compose of course, but not necessarily make their creation a profession. They share the ethic of countless garage bands, annoying parents and neighbors with electric guitars and high volume screaming, all the while having fun. However, for MGMT everything flowed with amazing ease and speed, and the music ended up getting taking them along for a ride to international fame.

In early 2005, when they first were licensed, they went on tour in the U.S. to open for “Of Montreal” (another American indie rock group) and promote their new EP “Time to pretend” and in fall 2006, i.e. four years after their college musical joke kicked off, they were signing a multimillion dollar contract for four albums with Columbia Records.

In 2007 the recorded the album “Oracular Spectacular” a skillful mix of danceable pop and psychedelic electronics. In the same year were nominated “Artists of the Day” by Spin Magazine and appeared in the top 10 “Artists to Watch” by Rolling Stone magazine. Their first album debuted at twelfth place in the UK Album Chart and quickly reached the top spot on the Billboard Top Heatseekers.

Among the best tracks on the album are hugely popular hit “Kids” and the compelling “Electric Feel”, or even the more melancholy “Weekend Wars” and “FutureReflections.”

Why don't you come to Barcelona for a few days to enjoy MGMT's concert and the atmosphere of Chrismas in Barcelona!

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