Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sant Jordi's day in Barcelona

On the 23rd of April, come celebrate lovers’ day in Barcelona!

Considered as a Valentine’s Day by Catalonian people, La Diada de Sant Jordi actually celebrates the patron saint’s death of Catalonia: Saint George. According to the story, it is said that Saint George, a Roman knight, killed a dragon in order to rescue from its fangs a princess coming from the south of Barcelona. Then, a rosebush sprang from the dragon’s blood and the hero picked the most beautiful rose to give it to his princess.

Since The Middle-Age, this nice gesture of Saint George has been perpetuated and Sant Jordi’s day has become the most romantic day of the year in Catalonia. On this date, tradition wants boys to offer a rose to their girlfriend and girls to offer back a book to their boyfriend.

Anyway, by walking in the city, you will notice quickly that this festivity is present elsewhere and things are taken seriously in Barcelona! Indeed, you could enjoy a big flowers and books market all along the famous Ramblas, specially transformed for the occasion. And although Sant Jordi’s day is a working day, many Barcelonan people will not hesitate to miss classes or work to hang out in the streets and breathe love perfume…

By the way, this day has become under the auspices of the UNESCO, the international day of book and author’s rights.


· La casa del Arcediano (free entry for public during Sant Jordi’s day). Address : click here

· Listen to the best musicians near Cathedral of Santa Eulalia. Address : click here

· Visit the precincts of the cathedral to see swans walking.

· Visit freely the Dependencias del Palau de Generalitat. Address : click here

· The municipality of Barcelona (Ayuntamiento de Barcelona). Address : click here

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