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Barcelona Nightlife - Bars and Disco`s

Barcelona is a great nighttime city, and the array of after-dark diversions is staggering. There is something to interest almost everyone and to fit most pocketbooks. Fashionable bars and clubs operate in nearly every major district of the city, and where one closes, another will open within weeks. Locals sometimes opt for an evening in the tascas (taverns), or they settle in for a bottle of wine at a cafe, an easy and inexpensive way to spend an evening people-watching. The legal drinking age drinking is 18, though it's rarely enforced with much vigor.
Here we have the most interesting Nightclubs and Nightbars for you:

Wednesday- Saturday: 00:00 - 06:00
Free pass till 03:00 for everynight but saturday with this flyer you pay 12 euros (regular price 20 euros)

Website :

Razzmatazz night

Fri-Sat 01:00 - 05:00

Entrance: 12 euros (+ a drink)

It is in fact 5 clubs in-one and your entrance free covers all. There are 5 rooms in the disco and all play wildly differing music which makes for a surreal experience wandering from a room playing trance into one playing punk. It also means that there is a rather a strange mix of people, but everyone is happy and the atmosphere is good.
The main room of the club also doubles as a very good concert venue (Jack Johnson played here). The club attracts big names so have a look out for the posters on the street announcing who is playing in each room, or check out the website.



Mirabé is a spectacular place for a big party. It is located at the mountain Tibidabo. From the terrace of Mirabé you can look down on the glittering city of Barcelona.


Otto zutz

Mittwoch: 00:00 - 05:00
Donnerstag - Samstag: 00:00 - 05:30

Ambiente: Modern / Trendy

One of the most popular discos in Barcelona called Otto Zutz. It is distributed on two floors with different atmosphere and the main music they play is Disco Funk Dance, Garage, Trash, Techno/House.


Up & down

Prices: 12€-18€ (includes 1 drink)

The chic atmosphere here attracts elite Barcelonans of all ages. The more mature patrons, specifically the black-tie, post-theater crowd, head upstairs, leaving the downstairs section to loud music and flaming youth. Up and Down is the most cosmopolitan disco in Barcelona, with impeccable service, sassy waiters, and a welcoming atmosphere. Technically, this is a private club -- you can be turned away at the door.


City Hall

Price: 12€

The City Hall is a club in the mere centre of Barcelona attracts especially young, fashionable people who like electronic music. Fridays and Saturdays you will find techno and house music here, Sundays are reserved for “zen ” nights: electronic, break beat music with vocals. The dance floor is huge!

Mojito Bar

The mojito club's impressive decor and large dance floor provided the perfect atmosphere and space for salsa dance and all flavors of Latin beats, including danzoon, Salsa, Meringue, regaeton and more! DJs and a lively crew of a mojito special event are impressive achievements of internationally renowned dancers and theme.


You enjoy Shoko from the first moment. The Interior, which is mainly in red, black and gold is required to be essentially the elements of wood, fire, metal, water and earth. In two separate VIP areas (separate from the dance floor and a bamboo landscape) it leaves the visitor with well good lights. In the chill beds witnessed the electrifying atmosphere and can be located either by old movies or Japanese manga comics sprinkle. Not only because of the spectacular look at the mediterranean is the terrace of Shoko probably a beautiful beach club of Barcelona. From Thursday to Sunday to make representatives from all age groups equally the night into day. The dress code is sexy and stylish and the people there are absolutely trendy.


Espit Chupito

A great bar, which is even twice there (Passeig de Colon de Arribau and c.). There are 500 different Chupitos, all with a lot of fire show and served. You must try the Rambo ! The Espit Chupito offers a wonderful atmosphere to chilling and dancing.


Buddah Bar

You must be here to eat if you go to visit Barcelona. The environment is fabulous and the food is even better! If you have birthdays or other things to celebrate the Buddha Bar is just right for you.

Do you plan to spend a weekend to party in the Barcelona's Clubs with your friends? Rent an apartement.

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