Wednesday, 13 February 2008

EuroGames 2008 - July 24-27

In 2008, something big is going to happen in Barcelona...

...because in July 2008 the city of Barcelona is going to play host to the EuroGames Barcelona 2008, the European championship for gay, lesbian and transsexual sportsmen/women and their friends. An amazing event which will involve more 30,000 people and which for a few days will transform Barcelona into the authentic European capital of sport and gay and lesbian culture.

EuroGames Barcelona 2008 will consist of 28 sporting events together with a range of cultural and leisure activities based in and around the city. The event will make its mark on Barcelona for a few days as more than 5,000 sporting participants descend upon the city from all corners of Europe.

EuroGames is sport, fun and culture. Are you going to miss out on such an incredible adventure? Come south, join in the fun and take part! Together we will make the EuroGames Barcelona 2008 the best games in Europe!

Do you plan to participate to the EuroGames 2008 in Barcelona? Find an accommodation here.

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