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Tapas & Catalan Cuisine

Catalan Cuisine
Catalan cuisine, like peninsular fare on the whole, is largely elaborated with one key ingredient: olive oil. Garlic and tomatoes are other staples, along with excellent seafood, mostly concentrated in the restaurants around the Barceloneta.

Tapas culture is not particularly strong in Barcelona. Supposedly born in southern Spain, where waiters would cover ("tapar") a class of wine with a small ration of food, the tapa has never been a Catalan tradition.

Nevertheless, you will find a high concentration of tapas bars in Ciutat Vella, the old part of town. In accordance with Barcelona's "cool" reputation, many of these give tapas a creative twist in a chill-out atmosphere. Going "de tapeo" is a great way to get to know various locales and tastes at an affordable price.

Below we've listed the most traditional and popular Barcelona restaurants serving tapas, Catalan & Spanish cuisine, plus tapas bars for those who want to try this uniquely Spanish activity. Where price range is concerned, remember that the lunchtime "menú del día" will come to €7-13 for a 3 course meal. Our estimates are based on a full dinner meal.

Barcelona Tapas Restaurants

c/ del Regomir 11, Barri Gótic
Metro Jaume I
No phone
Daily 1pm-2am, closed Mondays & first half of August

Quimet i Quimet
c/ Poeta Cabanyes 25, Poble Sec
Metro Paral.lel
Tel (+34) 93 442 31 42
Closed Mondays, Sundays lunch only

Txapel (Euskal Taberna)
Pg. de Gràcia 8-10, Eixample
Metro Catalunya
Tel (+34) 93 412 02 89
Open Mon-Thu 8am-1:30, Fri-Sun 10am-2am

Picture taken from "La Tartine Gourmande"
Catalan & Spanish Restaurants in Barcelona

c/ d'En Gignàs 16, Barri Gótic
Metro Jaume I
Tel (+34) 93 315 17 09
Open Tues-Sat, Sunday lunch only €20-30 per person

Cafè de l'Acadèmia
c/ de Ledo 1, Barri Gótic
Metro Jaume I
Tel (+34) 93 319 82 53
Open Mon-Fri€20-30 per person

Los Caracoles
c/ dels Escudellers 14, Las Ramblas
Metro Drassanes or Liceu
Tel (+34) 93 302 31 85 Open daily 1pm-midnight€20-30 per person

Can Culleretes
c/ Quintana 5, Las Ramblas
Metro Liceu
Tel (+34) 93 317 30 22
Closed Mondays, Sundays lunch only €20-30 per person

Set Portes
Pg. d'Isabel II 14, La Ribera
Metro Barceloneta
Tel (+34) 93 319 29 50 Daily 1pm-1am€20-30 per person

Orígens 99.9%
c/ de la Vidriera 6-8, La Ribera
Metro Jaume I
Tel (+34) 93 310 75 31 Daily 12:30pm-1:30am€15-20 per person

Els 4 Gats (Picasso's first exhibit opened here!)
c/ Montsió 3, Barri Gótic
Metro Catalunya
Tel (+34) 93 302 41 40
Daily 1pm-1am€10-30 per person

Casa Leopoldo
c/ de Sant Rafael 24, El Raval
Metro Liceu
Tel (+34) 93 441 30 14
Closed Mondays, Sundays lunch only €30-50 per person

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