Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Gay Friendly

Barcelona has long had the reputation as a city with a vibrant and integrated gay scene. Whilst there are some areas that are frequented more by the gay community, everywhere in the city is welcoming and open-minded, making Barcelona a gay friendly popular destination for members of the gay community.

Barcelona Areas that are popular with the Gay community

Many of the gay bars, clubs and hostels are around the area called Eixample (pronounced eshaumplay) and nicknamed "gayxample". This is the heart of the gay scene, although it's not exclusively a gay area.

Eixample is a beautiful and relatively modern and trendy district in the centre of Barcelona, with all you could ever need in the form of bars, clubs and accommodation for both the gay and straight communities.

Another area that is very popular with the Gay Community is Sitges, which is just a short train journey away from Barcelona.

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