Thursday, 14 February 2008


Gayxample is the gay area in Barcelona in the elegant neighbourhood of Eixample, one of the busiest areas in Barcelona with also an incomparable architecture.

Around the blocks between Calle Comte d'Urgell and Rambla Catalunya, Gran Via and Calle Provença, the Eixample stands out for its vibrant gay scene. It is full of fashionable clothes shop, bars, restaurants and cafés.

Gayxample also has a super selection of night clubs, hairdressers, saunas, etc., and all without having to set foot outside this diverse and cosmopolitan area.

You can rent a nice apartment with a lovely terrace just next to the Plaça Universitat where the Gayxample begins. The location of this gay welcome apartment is in a pedestrian street where there are many fashion shops and with the mix of tourists and Barcelona's own folk, gives a cosmopolitan and multicultural feeling, typical of the "old town" of Barcelona.

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