Friday, 15 February 2008

Tibidabo, Barcelona's mountain

The mountain of Tibidabo is the highest point of the Collserola hills, in Barcelona, it hosts an amusement park. Everyone in the city remembers its fantastic grottoes, the dizzying experience of the Talaia, the Hall of Mirrors with its grotesque reflections, the excitement of the Aeromàgic, the fascination of the old fair of automatons. Sensations which can now be rediscovered by young and old.

Summer hours: noon-10pm weekdays, until 1am on weekends

Off-season hours: noon-6pm on weekends only, with varying closing times depending on the weather

Tel (+34) 93 211 79 42

Entrance fees: €22 full admission; €11 for limited access to rides; €19 with youth ID; €9 senior citizens; €9 children

With rides dispersed over the slopes of the Tibidabo mountain, Barcelona's amusement park provides a wonderful excuse to ascend Barcelona's highest peak for ample views of the city, the Pyrenees, and even the Baleares Islands on a nice day. You can enjoy attractions as diverse an an antique fairground and rides from the 1920s to modern roller coasters.

The FGC To Avinguda Tibidabo (last stop on the Tibidabo line) will drop you right at the gates of the Tibidabo Amusement Park. On weekends and holidays you can take the antique tram service up the hill.

You should come and rent an apartment and enjoy this fabulous attractions park.

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