Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Saint Valentine's Day - February 14

Love is in the air, now more than ever in Barcelona

Love is in the air. The gifts fever at the showcases is coming. Valentine’s cards, flowers, chocolates,papers around a candy, hearts shaped pillows and winged cupidos…Milions of objects are ready to become the best love declaration. At the same time, Gods of marketing have already prepared themselves to celebrate the super famous 14th. Everything in honor to Valentine, saint who without noticing it became the pattern of the couples in love. According to the legend when the Christian religion was persecuted, he, secretly, married couples under Church ritual. Some people think that it is a cristianizated way of a pagan celebration, because in the old Rome, by this time, Eros was adorated as the god of love.Although in Catalunya, Saint Valentine competes with Sant Jordi (23th of April) to assume the lovers representation, 14th of February has become the unquestionable date, in which the romantic ones unfold their art. There is no better excuse to break monotony and to turn this winter day in some special day.

The most romantic Barcelona

Do not loose the romantic side of Barcelona. Beyond the Ramblas hubbub and the most crowded touristic places, Barcelona offers millions of less famous sites that you can visit with your partner. Great settings where you can shoot your personal love story movie. An evening in front of the sea, a stroll to the dusk through the recondite streets of the Casc Antic district, a cup of tea in some tiny square in the heart of the city , a panoramic sight from the hills that surround Barcelona, an intimate dinner in some restaurant fashion in the Born district or a winter stroll across the beach are some of the attractiveness that Barcelona offers to its visitors in these days. Let’s surprise your love with a short break in Barcelona and discover how much magic Barcelona has in its streets.To book Online your accommodation in Barcelona just click here.

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