Thursday, 14 February 2008


As many other European regions, Barcelona has well defined seasons in which temperatures and general weather are fairly predictable. Being a coast city, the relative humidity level is very high, always around 70%.

The weather in Barcelona is pleasant most of the year round. However you'll experience the absolute best weather from May to the end of July. September is also a good month.

The warmest season is between June and August, with temperatures that sometimes can go higher than 30 degrees (Celsius), perfect for a holiday close to the sea, holding on to the beaches and pools, walk the city wearing light clothing or just relaxing and having a cold drink at the various terraces available in the city.

August can be hot during the day (sometimes peaking around 34°C, 95F ) so if you love saunas then this is the time of the year for you!

The weather in October and November is still pleasant but starting to get a little cooler (21°C down to 15°C, 69 to 59F). You won't find sunshine every day though, so be prepared for days when it could be overcast with a little rain.

Remember these are only guidelines and the weather can vary somewhat from year to year. Especially in the last few years there has been some fluctuations from the norm.

Climate in Winter
From November to February the temperatures are cooler averaging around 12°C or 53F. It doesn't tend to rain a lot here in Winter so even though it may be cooler, often times you'll have some sunny days too. But do be prepared for some overcast and rainy days. It's all the luck of the draw!

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